A Customer-Centric Practice

Mark Hope Law aims to provide added value to any individual or organization that entrusts its business to the care of the practice.

Our Practices Areas

Corporate & Commercial

Assisting individuals as well as small, medium and large enterprises in determining the appropriate organisational structures and establishing sound contractual relationships to ensure stability and sustainability in competitive environments


Advising Employers on best practices and supporting indivialuals in the pursuit of rights and privileges under the current legislative framework


We are concerned with guiding our clients through the legal aspects of divorce, property settlement, child custody and maintenance and adoption with dignity and discretion.



Negotiation, problem solving and analytical competencies.


Well-developed leadership and service-oriented people skills.


Highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.


Proven experience in dynamic international business, multicultural and investment environments.


Project management and coordination expertise.

What Motivates Us?

We are motivated by the gratification that is expressed to us when any particular matter is resolved to our client’s satisfaction.  We pride ourselves in being able to adapt to any situation pertaining to a client’s case and we always look forward to a positive outcome, anticipating challenges and facing them as they arise.

At Mark Hope Law we are always concerned with the advancement of our clients’ interests

We value our clients as much as our business and want to ensure that their needs are being met within the full extent that the law permits

Teamwork is very important in this business and we hope you value it as much as we do

In every situation we choose teamwork to acheive the most sought after results and always try to do our very best to help our clients.